Form Fill And Seal Packaging

Form Fill And Seal Packaging is a type of automated packaging using rolls of poly film on a production line.  The film is fed through specialized equipment and automatically filled and sealed. 

Form fill & seal packaging is often used in manufacturing processes that continuously push through a large amount of product like; ice, food ingredients, pharmaceutical and many other products. 

  • FDA, USDA approved virgin resin
  • Optimized to work well on your machines
  • Plain & printed film
  • Excellent seal strength
  • puncture resistant
  • Freezer resistant
  • Wide sealing window
  • Strong, consistent, reliable product
  • Custom sizes up to 120" wide

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How does Form Fill & Seal Packaging work?


The poly plastic film is fed through a tube, which is called the forming tube. When the center of the plastic is near the tube, the outer edges of the film form flaps that wrap around the forming tube. The film is pulled downward around the outside of the tube and a heat-sealing bar clamps onto the edges of the film, bonding the film by melting the seam edges together.  The packaged product is then ready for storage or transport.