Gusseted Bags

Gusseted poly bags are form fitting making it ideal for liners and retail display packaging.

Features & Options

Gusseted bags can be manufactured as either a side gusset or bottom gusset bag depending on the application.

Side gusseted bag

  • Folds along the sides of the bag to create a square or rectangular shape on the bottomSide Gusset
  • Ideal for liners or small/light items for retail display
  • Fold creates a smaller face size for larger bags making it easier to handle and transport

Bottom gusseted bag

  • Folds at the bottom of the bag allows the opening to expand into a square shapeSide Gusset
  • The expanded rectangular shape of the bag form fits to the product inside
  • Creates a more aesthetic look for display packaging

Gusseted bags can be printed in up to six colors on two sides.

All of our material is manufactured from FDA approved virgin raw materials in an eco-friendly environment compliant with AQMD standards. And our materials are all 100% recyclable.