Polypropylene is an exceptionally high clarity film commonly used for packaging foods like spices, candy, popsicles, boli's and bakery items.

Features & Options:

  • Small and large run capabilities (as little as 500 lbs)
  • Custom polypropylene roll stock
  • Custom polypropylene bags
  • Available in a wide array of styles & sizes.
  • Plain and printed options
  • Printing up to 6 colors on 2 sides


Due to it's high clarity and rigidity, Polypropylene presents well on the retail shelf.  It has a more rigid structure than low density polyethylene.  It is known for it's high strength, light weight and ability to withstand high temperatures.   Polypro has a much lower oxygen transmission rate (OTR) allowing less air to pass through the film than that of low density polyethylene.   Polypropylene also has a high resistance to moisture including oils and grease.



While polypropylene is an excellent film for many products, it does have a few disadvantages:

- Degraded by UV
- Impact strength/puncture resistance  is lower than polyethylene
- Not ideal for long term freezer storage