Adhesive Tape Bags

Tape bags have a strip of tape at the top of the bag for temporary or manual sealing processes.

Used for applications requiring one-time or very few recloses, tape bags provide a good alternative when heat sealing is not an option.

Features & Options

Adhesive tape bags are often used for:

  • High level of security and protection - One time close adhesive tape bags 
    Tape Poly Bag

    Tape Poly Bag

  • Transfer of products during production - Multiple close adhesive tape bags 
  • Non perishable consumer products 

Adhesive tape bags can be customized to meet a variety of packaging needs:

  • The tape can be located on a lip or inside the bag.
  • Tape bags can be printed in up to six colors on two sides.

All of our poly bags are manufactured from FDA approved virgin raw materials in an eco-friendly environment compliant with AQMD standards. And our materials are all 100% recyclable.