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Breathe Shelf Life Into Your Products: A Quick Reference Guide

Check out our newest infographic on how to extend the shelf life of products. A snapshot of everything you need to know about barrier films. more

Optimizing Shelf Life and Product Presentation

When new foods hit the grocery store shelves, manufacturers want them to stay fresh and appealing as long as possible. Shoppers, in turn, look for eye-catching items that scream delicious, convenient and healthy. The connection between the two: improved shelf life. more

Get Noticed With Great Package Design: Quick Reference Guide

Check out our newest infographic on package design.

A snapshot of everything you need to know to grab consumers' attention on the shelves. more

The Art of Prepress: How To Take Your Digital Design To Printed Perfection

Translating digital images into printed artwork is truly an artform. A logo or design may look great on a computer screen, but a great deal of work takes place between the vision and the finished packaging.

The smallest adjustments in the prepress and production stages of process printing can make the difference between products that jump off the shelf and those that blend into the background.

Get to market faster by following these tips for product packaging design. Need help? Our experts are here to support you through the process. more

Sustainable Packaging: An In-Depth Look At What You Need To Know

As lawmakers and consumers continue to call for environmental sustainability and reduced landfill waste, business owners are looking to flexible plastic packaging (FPP) to safeguard natural resources and meet customer demand.

Traditional FPP delivers some environmentally friendly benefits (fewer natural resources used in manufacturing, cheaper transportation-related costs and reduced landfill discards, among others), but they are not typically considered sustainable. Consumers instead are being greenwashed into thinking all standing plastic pouches and film options are Earth-friendly, but often they are not. more

Sustainable Packaging: Quick Reference Guide

Check out our newest infographic on sustainability and packaging.

A snapshot of everything you need to know to decode your eco-friendly options. more

Food Label Changes: What You Don't Know Or Haven't Thought About

All of the changes implemented by the FDA will require changes to the nutritional label itself. When the dual-column format must be used for Per Serving and Per Package food items, the entire package may need to be redesigned. These changes could take time to implement as a new design needs to be created and new plates made. If you haven't started this process already, submit a contact form below and we'll get you on the path to compliance today. more

Need New Artwork For Your Label Or Surrounding Graphics?

Mandated changes to food labels could impact more than just the contents of the label itself.  The wider format of the new Dual Column may require you to consider the artwork surrounding the label. more

How to use Poly Mailers as Part of a Brand Loyalty Strategy

Online shoppers are all about the product experience. Savvy e-retailers know that poly mailers with attractive, colorful designs help establish brand identity and build customer loyalty. Here’s how we can help you do that. more

Driving Brand Loyalty in an E-Commerce Retail Environment

Research shows that retailers who keep their returning customers satisfied reap the financial rewards. But how can e-commerce sellers build brand loyalty when they never see their buyers face to face? Check out these four suggestions. more

Attractive Packaging and its Influence on Purchasing Decisions

Consider this: More than 80% of consumers try new products simply because they like the packaging. Color and style are what count when you’re competing for shelf space. If you are looking to increase sales, start with packaging design and printing. more
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