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Colors in Branding

Colors are extremely important in the branding of a company or product. There is so much more behind it than simply what color is aesthetically pleasing. Color is the first thing that people will notice, and determines whether the product stands out on a shelf or not. Choosing which colors will represent a particular brand is a huge decision, since colors send the very first messages about a company or product. The look of the logo either draws consumers in, or repels them away. This happens before any words, or other forms of advertisement are even seen. Consumers see color before they see anything else. Colors also have the power to evoke certain emotional responses. In order to choose the best colors for a particular brand, the company must be clear on not only what message they want to send, but also how they want consumers to feel when they see the logo. Here are some examples of colors in branding and what certain colors convey.



Power, passion, energy, excitement




Positivity, motivation, creativity, warmth




Trust, integrity, serenity, dependability




Natural, simplistic, durable, down-to-earth



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