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Creative Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting top quality employees for the factory, we’re all about trying new things. We’ve struggled with finding skilled labor going through traditional channels like temp agencies, outdoor banners and web posts.

So this year, we created a new program to reach an untapped market- – High School students. Trying out a younger demographic can be a scary endeavor. As a test, we created a short-term internship program in manufacturing. Flyers were hung around school and graduating seniors were interviewed for the position. The top two candidates were selected, and they began their internship as an after school program three days a week. They learned about the job, our products and our company. The program was so successful, that both candidates were offered full time positions as a packer and working in extrusion after graduation. Since the program was such a great success, we plan to continue it next year.

High School students are graduating by the millions. With colleges, universities and the workforce so impacted, only about 60% have been accepted to a college/university or have a steady job.

David is one of our recent hires. We sat down for a brief conversation with him, and here’s what he had to say:

How did you first hear about GAP internship?
David: Through faculty advisors and teachers passing out flyers.

What was your favorite subject High School ?
David: Math

What is your long term goal?
David: To be an Electrician or Mechanic. I would also like to learn how to weld.

What are your thoughts on the internship? It was a great experience.
David: Manuel help me learn the basics around the factory, and I got to learn about all the machines except printing.

What department do you work for now?
David: I am a packer and I also work in extrusion.

What more do you hope to learn, while you continue working at GAP?
David: I would like to learn more about how the machines run and how to repair them.

If we continue this program would you be interested in helping recruit kids next year?
David: Yes I would love to help recruit kids and I think I might already know a few people that would be interested.

As it turns out, hiring younger workers is a new trend in the market. Check out the recent article from Plastics News:

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