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Don Francisco’s Coffee Company has a passion for excellence

We recently worked with Don Francisco’s Coffee to put together our annual holiday gift baskets. This is a wonderful company that is rooted in family values and tradition. The Gaviña family originated the company over 143 years ago, and the traditions have been passed down for four generations. The family is still involved in overseeing and carefully selecting coffee from the world’s best growing regions to ensure each coffee reveals its own unique flavor.  The Don Francisco’s Coffee brand was created in 1984, and provides variety of coffees, each made with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans.

We had a wonderful experience working with this company. Not only was the finished product outstanding, but the overall experience, from start to finish, was excellent. Our input and ideas were implemented into the design of the baskets, while they worked to give us the best possible outcome. We were kept in the loop during every decision along the way, which made us feel like a truly valued customer. The company exudes a love for superb coffee, which is seen in the quality of the work that is done, and the importance on providing customers with the best they can offer.

We were able to work closely with Leonor Matos, who helped us with everything we needed. She was extremely positive and helpful throughout the whole experience. It became clear that Leonor is passionate about what she does, and strives to give each and every customer an outcome that is above and beyond what they asked for. To get some insight into what drives the work that comes out of this company, we were able to ask Leonor a couple of questions.
What are your personal priorities when you’re working with customers?
“I like to exude excellent charisma so that each customer has a great experience when ordering from the company. This ensures a high rate of return of happy customers.  Another personal priority is to meet customer expectations, which goes hand in hand with the company’s customer values. Even the unsatisfied customers are treated with special attention – they are customers that need their expectations to be met too. Our customers are our priority and they deserve the best service from us, or me.”
What do you love about working for Don Francisco’s Coffee Company?   
“I love our customers; each one is unique, interesting and special. I’ve build relationships with a lot of them, especially the ones who have been our customer for many years. I know, without fail, that my day will be filled with some kind of emotion and it makes my day. Sometimes we even talk about our personal lives, happy and sad moments, their children, grandchildren.  This is what makes me strive for the best so, I do. Consequently, I am always seeking for ways to improve our processes, even if things are working well. I look for ways to improve to better serve our customers. Luckily, I work for a company that encourages growth and development. Notice, everything always loops back to the satisfying our customers.”

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