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Truth, Justice and Sliced Bread: Local Husband Valiantly Brings Home the Dough

Tuesday, 6:12 p.m. I’m usually almost home by now, but tonight I had to stop by the store.

Milk. Cereal. Cat food. Chips and beer (those are for me). All in the basket.

All I have left is the bread. All my wife’s text said was: that new kind we had last week. You can’t miss it – blue bag – it will jump off the shelf at you! 😊❤️


Seriously? Does she realize there are 800 different kinds of bread here?

Geez, look at this stuff. Whole wheat. Rye. Pumpernickel. Sourdough. Whole grain. Cinnamon swirl. Gluten-free. Onion rolls. Bread with stuff on top.

Look at that guy over there. Phone in hand, deer-in-the-headlights stare. Do I look like that?

Blue bag… Jump out at me my a…

Wait. That’s it!

Kapow! That bag is bright! Really blue! And it actually seemed to jump off the shelf at me!


Honey! I found it!! 😊

I knew it! My hero ❤️

Bam! Done! And in mid-celebration I turn to that other guy. Is he looking for the same thing? I hold up my bread. He shakes his head "no" with a disappointed scowl… But wait, he considers his options, grabs a loaf in that blue shiny bag. A quick high five, and another hero is born!

Valiantly, I head for the checkout and home to my adoring fans.

You, too, can have packaging that turns husbands into superheroes! Ask us how – we and our EVO XD 8-color flexographic press can help.