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Food industry demands packaging that allows long-lasting food

According to World Packaging News, the shelf life of food products is a main focus for those involved in food and beverage packaging. The rate at which the food industry is growing, is allowing more and more high quality food products to be distributed worldwide. With the constant growth of this industry, it makes sense why there is such a strong demand for packaging that allows longer shelf life. Brand owners and consumers are making it clear that they want packaging that allows food to stay fresh as long as possible. That is why extensive research is being conducted to improve upon packaging, and to make it both active and smart.
            Active and smart packaging serves a specific purpose. It creates convenience for consumers by controlling moisture, oxygen, and other influences that may affect the product. Current techniques in packaging that emphasize shelf life are absorbers and removers, release systems, self-heating and cooling, and selective permeation. In some cases there may be devices within packs that can indicate the temperature or gas levels, which reveal the freshness of the products.
            Because of the high demand of lengthened shelf life, the growth of the food market relies heavily on research and development of improved packaging materials. Nanotechnology has had a recent impact on packaging materials. Incorporating nano-particles into materials can block moisture from reaching the product, while also eliminating the transmission of oxygen.   

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