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How to measure for drum liners

Drum liners are a great way to save on drum-cleaning costs. The cylindrical shaped liners should fit perfectly inside of drums, with no air pockets or folds to trap contents. Measuring the drums is imperative for ordering liners that fit them securely. The measurements can be done as follows:
Width is determined by dividing the circumference of the drum by 2, and then adding 2. This can be done by measuring around the widest part of the drum with a flexible tape measure.
Width = (circumference divided by 2) + 2”

Length is determined by adding the height and width of the drum, multiplying by the diameter, and then adding 4. The 4” that are added allow for extra material to fold over the top of the drum, or be tied off.

Length = (height + width [diameter]) + 4”



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