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I Never Thought About That

This morning, my routine was different from my usual morning routine. I noticed things in my home that I have never paid attention to before. As I took a loaf of bread out of the pantry, I found myself thinking about the bottom gusseted bag that held the bread. I noticed the clarity and glossiness of the FDA approved, low-density polyethylene film, as well as its thickness and weight. As I continued through my morning routine, I realized that I was comparing the shapes, weights, durability, and texture of all of the different bags that I came into contact with. I was surprised by how many times I used or noticed these different bags in just one morning. There are also so many that I do not see, that were used to manufacture the clothes that I wear, the dishes on my shelf, and even the auto parts that make up my car.

My eyes have now been opened to see more than just the products that I use everyday. As a marketing intern at Great American Packaging, I have been exposed to the underlying process behind the manufacturing, printing, and distributing of this packaging necessity, and I can only conclude that I will never look at plastic bags the same way again.

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