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I love being a customer with vendors like CX&B!

Here at Great American Packaging, we understand the value of family based companies, and the quality of work that comes out of them. We have had the great pleasure of working with CX&B United for the second year in a row. We went to them because we wanted personalized mugs to include in gift baskets, and CX&B was able to get us exactly what we needed, on time, even despite our time crunch. We wanted to take the time to highlight this outstanding company that went above and beyond to make the process of ordering our annual promotional gifts an extremely pleasant experience.

CX&B is a family owned, business promotional company that was started in 1970, by Fenton Mitchell. He is the president of the company, and his son now works as vice president. Mitchell makes it a point to go out and personally visit customers whenever he can. That gives some insight into what makes this company great. They value people and relationships, and treat customers with the utmost respect. Mitchell holds a philosophy that says, “Do the right thing.” This seems so simple, yet it is extremely rare to find a customer service company that uses this as a basis for how they conduct themselves. CX&B is a true gem in this day and age, and Great American Packaging has been lucky to work with them.

Anne Burnett, sales rep and assistant to the president, was a huge help in fulfilling all our needs with this order. She worked with us every step of the way, conducted research to find the best type of personalized mugs, provided helpful suggestions and advice, and managed to keep everything within our price range. I was able to speak with Anne Burnett about her role in the company, and what makes the work they do there so great.

What do you think makes CX&B successful?

“We aim to work well with everyone. Loyalty is very important to us, and we’ve had the same vendors for 20 years. We are able to do as few as one piece at a time, if that is what the customer needs. We try to do everything for the customer for their piece of mind. We try to get everything done before deadline, never late. It is always the best price possible. We go the extra mile in sending out emails, and giving customers input and ideas. The customer is always right, if the order is wrong, customer will not pay for it. There should always be a smile on the face of customer.”

What are your personal priorities when you’re working with customers?

“Always get things done on time or even before deadline and making sure the customers get what they want when they want it. If they don’t like it, I fix it.”

What do you love about working for CX&B?

“I love the variety of the things I am doing. Each customer is an individual situation, and they always want something different, which is exciting. I also love the challenge of finding whatever they want. When customer says, ‘wow that looks great’, it makes me very happy. When I am able to partner with the client, everyone feels good all around.”

It is rare to find this type of relationship-based company in such a digital era. CX&B has been quite successful in maintaining a face-to-face atmosphere, in which they partner with their customers. The bottom line seems to be that they simply “care about their clients,” says Anne. With this mindset, CX&B is able to operate based on the relationships they form. Every single client feels valued, and well taken care of, because of the personal attention that is given from the beginning, until the job is completed the way the customer wants. It is easy to see how this family company has built up loyal customers over the years. The team at Great American Packaging is thrilled to work with a company like CX&B that shares our same values of personal service, excellent quality and 100% dedication to the customer.  

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