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Interview with our CEO

In honor of the big 4-9, we held an interview with our CEO, Greg Gurewitz, on how the business has achieved so much success.

Q1:  The company is less than a year away from celebrating 50 years as a successful and growing business. What do you think has helped the company grow and become so successful?

I am smart, handsome, [humble], make good decisions, have a lot of perseverance, create bizarre new ideas that actually work and worked hard to make us more efficient.

Q2:  Where did you get the idea to build a poly bag company?

I got the idea when working at a plastic bag company during the summer after my freshmen year at California State University, Northridge.  Back then it was called Fernando Valley State College.

Q3:  Strategy and culture are very essential in a company, how would you describe the company’s culture?

Culture is very important in our company, we are like a family. We care and help each other to get things done. We also look out for and take care of the little guy. We support and help small companies that do not get the support and attention that the larger firms receive. We always make sure to make our customer our number one priority, by giving them the best service and taking care of them along the way.

Q4:  Describe your first sale/customer.

Our first customer was a company that did modeling clay, ceramics. The company placed their first order in October and we had to complete their order in February.  The manufacturing company where we bought all of our supplies had lost our order and held us back.  We shipped the product to our customer two weeks late.

Q5:  What are your opinions on technology and the lengths that are being made to reach new customers?

Technology is becoming a huge component of marketing and business growth and we are making it a priority to keep up with the changes and learn as much as possible to better serve our customers.  

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