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Need New Artwork For Your Label Or Surrounding Graphics?

The FDA regulated changes to your nutrition labels may not be as straight forward as they first appear. Uncovering the breadth of changes required for your packaging is no easy task.

Great American Packaging’s team of experts will guide you through the redesign process. We’ll make sure you have taken into account all the ways your packaging artwork and design will be impacted.

According to FDA guidelines, the new labels will include additional information about serving sizes, nutrients and calories, among other pertinent information. Font sizes and bolded text will also change. In some cases, a wider panel will be required to allow for additional columns of nutritional data.

We've identified a few ways to take advantage of the changes:

  • Consider refreshing your overall packaging design
    Now is the perfect time to consider a packaging redesign. The FDA label changes will require new artwork and plates for your printed packaging. Save time and money by incorporating a new design at the same time.

    The company’s state-of-the-art technology, coupled with a team of experts, provides customers with a hassle-free experience when redesigning printed poly bags and films.

  • Analyze background choices
    The most common background options – positive or reverse – make a difference in overall design clarity. Positive print (dark font on a light background) can be printed more clearly in smaller fonts, while reverse print (light font on a dark background) works better with larger typeface sizes and styles. For more information, download our guide to designing artwork.

  • Consider your font
    FDA guidelines state that any legible font can be used for the labels. Arial, Helvetica and Franklin Gothic are most common. Other easy-to-read fonts, including Verdana and Open Sans, are also readable.

    Keep in mind, the font size must be no less than one-sixteenth of an inch in height. (§101.2.c Information panel of package from food)

  • Use only high-quality printing technology
    Misregistration due to poor trapping can result from the slightest movement of poly film on the press. Great American Packaging’s new EVO XD 8-color press prints vivid colors in a single pass, creating more sophisticated imaging and branding potential and eliminating the risk of poor trapping.

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