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NSF Supplier Assurance Audit Complete

NSF Audit

We are proud to announce that Great American Packaging, Inc has completed the rigorous

NSF International

Supplier Assurance Audit

for Safe Food Contact Packaging.

After tremendous dedication and hard work from our team, we received a passing score of 92.5%.

It was a great deal of work and we are proud to offer you the added assurance of quality that a 3rd party audit provides.

Click here for our certificate of completion.

Please find the list of audit criteria below:

o Administration & Regulatory Compliance

o HACCP Management

o Facilities & Equipment

o Sanitation, Housekeeping & Hygiene

o Rodent & Pest Control Management

o Approved Suppliers, Receiving, Storage, Shipping & Inventory Control

o Process & Product Evaluation

o Foreign Material Control

o Chemical Control

o Packaging & Labeling

o Training Requirements

o Food Defense

Should you need further information or documentation, please feel free to contact your sales representative or call us directly at 323-582-2247.

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