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Plastic packaging may be the key to less wasted food

It’s not exactly new news that plastic packaging is a cost efficient way to protect food before it is consumed. It is lightweight, flexible, and serves its primary function of preserving the food inside. However, there is another huge reason why plastic packaging is so effective. Packaging foods in plastic can help to reduce waste, which is a desirable outcome for both consumers and manufacturers. If you walk into a grocery store, you may notice that more and more foods are being packaged in plastic as opposed to other materials. Squeeze pouches may appear where there used to be glass jars, and plastic films may now hold what used to be in a box. The reason for these changes is that plastic packaging is able to extend the shelf life of food, keeping it fresh for longer periods of time. The longer the food lasts, the less likely it is to go to waste, which is a great outcome for all.

According to an article found on Food Production Daily, one-third of food that is produced goes to waste. Food with an extended shelf life will not be wasted so quickly, since it allows more time before spoilage. It is also possible to use less packaging by switching to plastic. 1,300 ounces of beverage can be contained in just two pounds of plastic. It takes a great deal more of other materials to hold the same amount. If packaging more and more products in plastic can help keep food fresh longer while reducing the amount of waste, it is definitely a change worth making.   

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