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Poly Bag Branding

What is it that draws grocery shoppers to choose the specific brandsCreative Packaging that they choose? It may be as simple the design of the packaging. The colors, design, or emblem on the packaging of one particular product may succeed in drawing the consumers’ eyes as they navigate through a sea of similar products. That is why custom printing is so effective in marketing a product in a way that stands out from the crowd. Great American Packaging custom printed poly bags are printed on the premises, can include up to six colors, and can be printed on 1 or 2 sides of a product. Utilizing custom printing allows brands to stand out in two different ways.


  1. The bottom gusset printing allows for words and designs to appear on the bottom of poly bags. That way, consumers can view the printing from different angles. For example, consumers may not be able to see the printing on a bag that is stacked underneath other products. With bottom gusset printing, however, the printing is still visible from the side. This provides maximum visibility of a brand.


  1. Printing also allows for an element of creativity, which is a great way to make a brand stand out. Create a unique design that grabs attention straight from the shelves. Check out this fun example of a custom printed poly bag. This interesting design is sure to draw grocery shoppers’ eyes on the bread isle


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