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The Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Youth

Made in America KidThink about the last time you passed by a lemonade stand. A few eager children stand outside for hours advertising their sugary refreshment, which sells for maybe fifty cents per cup. This is a pleasant sight, but is not anything new or exciting. People have grown accustomed to seeing these on every street corner, which greatly lowers their chances of stopping at one. Kids looking to make a little money these days have to think outside of the box. What will catch someone’s eye as they drive past? Kids create great examples of entrepreneurial-ism by answering this question. They have the ability to come up with creative new ways to grab attention and spark interest. Standing out in a sea of lemonade stands is the key to making people desire their product, simply because it is new and interesting. This simple example of young entrepreneurship can be applied to any product that is being marketed. Standing out from the crowd of competitors may only be a matter of doing something a little differently. Creativity goes a long way in the eyes of consumers, who are just waiting to see something new.

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