Custom Poly Bags & Film. Made in the USA.


Visit our updated Linkedin Company page

Great American Packing, INC. is a Los Angeles based poly bag manufacturer looking to partner with local companies with packaging problems to solve!  We help to provide our customers poly with optimum sealing windows, puncture resistance, proper slip for stacking on pallets, and so much more.

It’s never been easier to find out how to improve your packaging needs. We specialize in Bakery bags, Ice bags, Printed bags, Flat Bags, Gusset Bags, FDA approved bags, and more. Now, you can find useful updates on various topics regarding the poly packaging industry on our newly updated Linkedin Company page.

Get helpful tips on things such as How to convert your logo’s colors to pantone values for poly bags, How to ensure the printing on your bags stand out to potential customers, How a better ice bag can improve your bottom line, and more…

Have questions about custom manufactured poly bags and film that we haven’t answered? Feel free to leave us a question on Linkedin or email us at and we will make sure to provide an answer for you!



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