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We Might Know Someone You Should Know on LinkedIn

Great American Packaging on Linkedin

We now have over 1,700 new views on our LinkedIn profile, and we’re growing fast…  Why should you connect with us? We’ve created a brand new Company page, joined tons of groups, and even started posting helpful articles on various packaging topics.

Some of the industry groups we’ve joined include American Society of Baking, Seafood Alliance, Bakery Network, The Packing Technology Forum and many more.

We’re also using this as a forum to help our customers work through packaging challenges.  Come check it out.  Maybe we’ve answered some of your questions, solved some of your problems, or just connected with the guy you’ve been trying to get in touch with.

Or, maybe you have a challenge to solve.  Bring it on!  We’d love to help with an in-depth article, helpful step-by-step instructions, or maybe your topic might be chosen for our next video!

Whether you’re an active user or new to linkedin, make sure to follow our Company Page, leave us a comment and if you have a group send us over an invitation.

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