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Welcome Back Fito Perez

We are thrilled to welcome back Fito Perez after several months of medical leave.  Earlier this year, Fito was diagnosed with Cancer of the Liver.  He fought hard, stayed positive, and now he’s feeling better than ever.  We are so glad to have him back, not just as a part of our team, but as an inspiration to us all.


A little more about Fito Perez:
Fito has been a core member of the Great American Packaging team, since he started with the company 33 years ago. He started out in the shipping department, where he was eager to learn any and all tasks. Even sweeping the floors was a chance to soak up every bit of information possible. Since then he has gained experience in all different areas of the company.  In 2001 he was promoted to Sales. Surprised by the opportunity, he soon found that he had a natural talent for conversing easily with customers. He has a genuine love of people, which shows in how he treats everyone around him. As a sales representative, he enjoys being able to interact with people from all different backgrounds and experiences, making every day at work new and exciting.


Fito is passionate about sports, and enjoys rooting on his favorite soccer and football teams, Real Madrid, and the Raiders. He has even been a Raiders season ticket holder since 2007, and used to love coaching soccer. Whether he is talking about his teams, or answering customer questions, his positive attitude and joyful demeanor is contagious to everyone around him. He has spent his many years at the company learning as much as he could about our products, and he truly loves being able to share this knowledge with customers.


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