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Fresh & Frozen Food

Keep your inventory fresh and frozen with Great American Packaging’s wide range of flexible, custom food packaging solutions. A responsive, proactive partner, we provide unmatched customer service and deliver high-quality, food-safety-certified bags and film. Our products maintain the highest performance at the lowest temperatures – reducing the risk of freezer burn, which can extend product shelf life. Food production companies can count on us to highlight their brands and attract the attention of customers at point-of-purchase.
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  • FDA- and USDA-approved 100 percent pure virgin resin.
  • Excellent traceability guarantees food safety.
  • GFSI-certified. (Certification available upon request.)
  • FDA-grade, anti-stat additive choices for powdered products.
  • Reduced risk of freezer burn to extend product shelf life.
  • High-clarity film.
  • Excellent seal strength maintains product integrity.
  • High performance at broad temperature range.
  • Plain and printed food packaging bags and film.
  • Learn about material types.


  • 100 percent recyclable food packaging option.
  • Freezer film for cold storage. (learn more)
    • High strength to protect against breakage after dropping.
    • Seal strength and hot tack optimizes use in high-speed, automated packaging.
    • Puncture resistance reduces bag breakage from sharp edges.
    • Freezer resistance to minimize cold crack in subzero temperatures.
  • Form-fill-and-seal. (learn more)
    • Roll-stock sheeting optimizes high-speed, automated packaging.
    • Sheeting styles include single layer, centerfold, J-fold and more.
  • Eco-Film options including Compostable.
  • Premier quality printing. (learn more)
    • Up to 10-color printing.
    • X-Rite® color system consistently and exactly matches your logo from the first impression to the last.
    • Custom colors.
    • Central Impression (CI) press allows for excellent registration.
    • Learn more about our printing capabilities.
  • Additive options for slip, color, anti-stat, UV protection and more.
  • Custom bag styles and sizes available.

Need to get started right away on your fresh and frozen food packaging materials? Backed by 50 years of experience and exceptional customer service, we are ready to help you with all your custom, flexible packaging needs.

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