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Eco-Friendly Solutions: SERVING YOU AND THE EARTH

Proactive and eco-conscious, Great American Packaging is dedicated to ongoing innovation that best serves its customers and the environment. Our new Eco-Friendly product line is comprised of compostable bags and film and recyclable pouches, designed to increase packaging sustainability. With unmatched customer service and high-quality products, we help our customers benefit from growing consumer interest in sustainable solutions.

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Consumer interest in sustainable packaging is creating new opportunities for product manufacturers. Discover four reasons why you should consider eco-friendly packaging.


Compostable bags and film are playing an important role in the future of sustainable packaging. Watch our video to get up to speed on compostable products and our eco-friendly offering.


Great American Packaging believes in doing its part to protect the Earth. Explore the steps we take to uphold our commitment to our customers, employees and our planet's future.


For more information on eco-friendly packaging, reach out to one of our packaging experts today! Backed by 50 years of experience and exceptional customer service, our team is ready to help you with your custom, flexible packaging needs.

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