GAP Ice Bags

A better Ice Bag can help you improve your bottom line! 


  • Improve efficiencies on the production line with optimized sealing windows
  • Reduce store credits from broken or punctured bags

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Great American Packaging's special blend of polyethylene film has been custom designed to meet the needs of ice packaging.


Features & Options

High Strength to protect against breakage after dropping

Seal Strength & Hot Tack designed for optimum use in high speed automated packaging

Excellent Clarity for retail display

Puncture Resistance to reduce bag breakage from sharp edges

Freezer Resistance to minimize cold crack

Form & Fill sheeting for high speed automated packaging

Custom bag styles - wicket, gusset, liner, roll stock

Standard & custom sizes - 7 lb, 20 lb, baler & more

Printing up to 6 colors


All of our poly bags are manufactured from FDA approved virgin raw materials in an eco-friendly environment compliant with AQMD standards. And our materials are all 100% recyclable.