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Sheeting is one continuous roll of film. It is commonly used as roll stock for retail applications. Sheeting is also used as a protective cover to guard against dirt, dust and moisture in industrial settings.

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  • High-strength film available.
  • Seal strength and hot tack optimizes use in high-speed, automated packaging in extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Puncture resistance reduces bag breakage from sharp edges.
  • Freezer resistance to minimize cold crack in subzero temperatures.
  • FDA and USDA-approved virgin resin.
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  • Form-fill and seal-roll stock available.
  • Plain and printed film options.
  • Premier quality printing: (learn more)
    • Up to 10-color printing:
    • X-Rite® color system consistently and exactly matches your logo from the first impression to the last.
    • Custom colors.
    • Central Impression (CI) press allows for excellent registration.
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  • Sheeting styles include single-layer, centerfold, J-fold and more.
  • Up to 120 inches wide.
  • Additive options for slip, color, anti-stat, UV protection and more.
  • Wide variety of materials available. (Learn more)