Over the past several weeks, we have received many new inquiries about even safer packaging options, including our Micro DefenS Antimicrobial Film.

Our Micro DefenS Antimicrobial Film is a proprietary blend of polyethene resin engineered to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus for products in direct contact with the film. The film has undergone rigorous laboratory testing under ISO 22196:2011 and is proven to inhibit the growth of e. Coli, MRSA and other microbes. It is important to note that this film does NOT have anti-viral properties and is NOT effective against viruses such as COVID-19.

Check out our FAQs on Micro DefenS Antimicrobial Film:

  1. What does Micro DefenS Antimicrobial Film do?
    It inhibits the growth of bacterial AND fungal microbes including;
    • e. Coli
    • s. aureus
    • MRSA
  2. Is it antiviral?
    No. The film will not inhibit the growth of viruses such as COVID19.
  3. How does it protect the product INSIDE the bag?
    Only the product that is in contact with the film is protected.
  4. Is the OUTSIDE of the bag protected?
    Yes, both sides of the film have antimicrobial properties and are effective against anything in contact with the film.
  5. Is it available in printed film? Clear film? Colored film?
    Yes, yes and yes.
  6. Is it food safe?
  7. Is it available now? – YES!

Technical data sheets for Micro DefenS Antimicrobial Films are available on our website.

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