5 Packaging Tips that Will Increase Your ROI

2024 is right around the corner. Now’s the time to secure your suppliers for the new year! One key relationship that can’t be overlooked is a strong packaging partner.

As a product’s primary means of protection from your facility to the consumer, your packaging can also optimize shelf life, capture consumer attention on the shelf, share key information about your product and more. The right partner will create a strong packaging plan for your product, driving new opportunities for growth.

Let’s explore five tips for creating more effective packaging.

1. Put Product Integrity First.

Many factors shape a consumer’s experience with your product, but product quality can have the biggest impact. Investing in the wrong type of packaging can harm shelf life and threaten food safety. To protect your product and reputation, it’s important that you work with a supplier that puts safety first.

A quality packaging supplier uses only FDA- and USDA-approved resins in their products and is proudly food-safety certified to national standards. Copies of these up-to-date certifications should be available for review and are helpful to keep with your files.

At Great American Packaging, we are food-safety certified by an accredited testing partner (IFS PacSecure), and we offer a portfolio of custom, FDA-grade flexible packaging solutions for our customers.

2. Make an Impact on the Shelf.

It’s estimated that consumers can make snap decisions about food products in as little as a third of a second1. With shelves more crowded than ever before, products need to immediately capture attention. To stand out on the shelf, brands must approach their packaging creatively – considering both its visual design and usability.

Packaging designs must be consistent with the look and feel of your brand, while also differentiating from your competitors. For our customers, we accomplish this with state-of-the-art, premier-quality flexographic printing, and customized packaging types that fit the products’ and customers’ needs.

3. Work with an Expert Packaging Partner.

Product demand can shift quickly, and an expert packaging supplier will work efficiently to shift alongside you. Sourcing your packaging from a domestic supplier means shorter lead times, quicker reorders and faster responses to better capitalize on demand.

Our facility is located in the manufacturing hub of Los Angeles where all our packaging solutions are manufactured. We strive to keep our lead times low, working closely with our customers to meet their packaging needs as demand rises and falls.

4. Commit to Sustainable Packaging.

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions will soon make these alternatives a necessity – not an option. Brands that effectively demonstrate their investment in sustainable solutions will be first in line to capitalize on this demand.

There are many options available, and these solutions are continuing to evolve, creating a spectrum of product types across price points. No matter your budget, there is a sustainable solution available for you.

Get to know our new Sustainable Packaging solutions. This portfolio includes Recyclable, Compostable, No PFAS Added and Plant-Based solutions. We are committed to being a sustainability leader in flexible packaging, which extends to our factory procedures and own reduction of waste.

5. Choose a Custom Solution.

The benefits of a custom packaging solution cannot be matched. Custom packaging is personalized to your product’s unique needs and manufacturing processes, protecting food safety, prolonging shelf life, adding efficiencies to your production lines and more. These benefits can help save you time and money throughout the manufacturing process and build your reputation with customers.

Experienced suppliers will also consider your customers and the planet in the packaging design process, ensuring its functionality and design appeals to consumers while minimizing your impact on the environment.

At Great American Packaging, we have nearly 60 years of experience in delivering custom packaging solutions that protect products, processes, people and the planet. We know firsthand that how we serve you is what matters most. It would be our privilege to work alongside you in 2024 to create the best packaging solution for you.

Ready to drive success in 2024 with more effective packaging? Our team of experts is here to help.