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Delivering White Glove Service In A Service-Less World

Over the years we’ve learned that the smallest things we do can make the biggest difference. It’s a sign of how much we care. Our service holds every team member accountable to walk the talk in meeting each customer’s everyday needs.

Our founder and CEO Greg Gurewitz first instilled a culture of service during our inception more than 50 years ago, making it the expected standard. In an era where the bar for service continues to lower, our commitment to quality white glove service – as we’ve coined it – remains the cornerstone of our success.

Still today, customers come to us for our exceptional packaging solutions, but they stay for our extraordinary service.

Defining Service from the Inside Out

Our white glove service starts with the dedication of our employees. To consistently serve our customers well, we have to first serve each other well. Each customer commitment is a shared commitment – and our family-oriented team mentality is founded on mutual trust and respect.

According to Gurewitz, “Every employee takes accountability for the details and nuances that go along with the business and the order. This means knowing when customers typically order, delivery dates and how the order is packed. Price changes are addressed head-on, and issues are fixed right away. As team members, we rely on each other to do our part, and we back each other up with a helping hand when it’s needed.”

Our customers count on our team to serve them well. As a recipient of our white glove service, you can expect timely product delivery with lead times shorter than most, personal attention to every detail of your order and ongoing access to friendly and knowledgeable packaging experts.

Putting White Glove Service to Work

We pride ourselves on being the manufacturer that answers the call, especially when our competitors are unwilling or unable to do so. Customers choose us time and time again for our agility, our follow through, and our willingness to do more in a business environment that too often settles for less.

Here are a few quick ways customers have reaped the benefits of our service commitment.

  • Improving Printing Quality: One of our bakery customers was experiencing poor printing quality from its previous supplier. Adding just one additional preparatory step to the printing process increased the vibrancy of the bag and made their brand stand out on the shelves.
  • Securing the Right Material: Another customer was struggling to find a highly-specific, UV-rated film. Working with our supply partners, a raw material blend was located and the needed film created in record time.
  • Integrating into the Manufacturing Process: Loading issues on a customer packaging line were slowing the manufacturing process and threatening delivery commitments. After reviewing the line in person and on video, the GAP team identified and quickly resolved a machinery issue.
  • Reducing Manual Labor Costs: Our team was called to tour a packaging line and noticed several inefficiencies. After research and analysis, a recommendation was made for new, more automated equipment that – when implemented – reduced manual labor, improved deliveries and increased profits.

Regardless of your situation, we will create the best solutions for your product and business.

How We Serve You Is What Matters Most

With 50+ years of experience in the packaging industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about service – but we won’t stop there. New technologies and resources are continuously being evaluated and adopted to give our customers greater transparency, as well as create educational resources that make the growing knowledge of our team of experts readily accessible. Products are delivered on time and when questions or issues arise, there is always a friendly and knowledgeable packaging expert ready to help.

As the availability of good service lessens, count on us for a commitment to white glove service that continues to set the industry standard. We know How We Serve You is What Matters Most.

Speak to one of our packaging experts today; we’re here to answer the call!


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