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Make Your Impact on the Shelf, Not the Earth: Four Reasons to Consider Eco-Friendly Packaging

Across industries, consumer interest in product sustainability is growing. More than ever before, consumers are aware of their impact on the environment, driving a push for large-scale change. Proposed legislation, while complex and dynamic, supports this initiative with the development of an infrastructure that regulates and increases packaging sustainability.

Stay ahead of your competitors and take advantage of new opportunities with four reasons why you should consider eco-friendly packaging today.

1. Consumers Want Sustainable Solutions

When given the opportunity, consumers are eager to have a positive impact on the Earth. According to McKinsey, 60 to 70 percent of consumers, across all end-use segments, say they would pay more for sustainable packaging.

However, in the marketplace, consumer concern isn’t yet translating to consumer action. In one study reported by the Harvard Business Review in August 2019, “65% [of consumers] said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only about 26% actually do so.”

In order to bridge this gap, brand owners need to educate their customers and sell their product benefits, both to the Earth and the consumer experience. Partnering with an experienced packaging expert can help you effectively sell more than your product’s attributes and your brand’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

2. Future Legislation Drives Sustainability

Though consumer appeal has increased interest in eco-friendly packaging, large-scale action demands the creation of new processes and infrastructures. Legislators are stepping in to propose new policies that manage the end-of-life cycle of packaging to accelerate these changes.

As a first step, legislators are looking at the development of composting and recycling plants. It’s expected that infrastructure for monolayer packaging will be available in the next two years, with multilayer packaging following soon afterwards.

Once these new infrastructures are available, responsibility for managing these processes is likely to shift to brand owners/manufacturers. Those that do not comply are going to be at a risk for being fined, which will be used to create additional funding for these infrastructures.

With the shift toward sustainable solutions underway across the country, preparing for these changes now can set your business up for success and future-proof your product offering.

3. Stay Ahead of the Competition for Greater Differentiation

Eco-friendly packaging solutions are already here and their use will only continue to grow. Staying ahead of this trend offers an opportunity for business differentiation, appeals to customer interest, allows for compliance ahead of legislation and positions your brand as an innovator and leader.

This serves a dual purpose: preparing your business for future requirements while showcasing your commitment to driving meaningful change. Staying ahead of the competition will help your business unlock new areas of differentiation and build brand loyalty with your customers.

4. Make Your Impact on the Shelf, Not the Earth

To help you take advantage of these opportunities, Great American Packaging has launched a new compostable line of packaging products. As your partner, we can help you navigate the issues and complexities of incorporating eco-friendly packaging and realize the benefits of these products.

How we serve our customers is what matters most, which is why we designed our compostable product line with you in mind. To make this transition an easy one, GAP can help you in the following ways:

  • Identify the right substrate for your product. We have packaging that is appropriate for cold storage, food safety, UV protection, seal strength, puncture resistance, recyclability or compostablility.
  • Size a bag to properly fit your product while effectively running through automated equipment.
  • Translate digital artwork into a design that can be properly printed on a clear substrate.
  • Manufacture packaging with FDA-approved resins that are safe for food contact, while able to meet stringent ASTM D6400 standards to be fully compostable.

Through our compostable products, you will have a platform for you to show your brand’s dedication to a better, more sustainable future. Build your brand loyalty while opening up opportunities with new customers that share your commitment to the environment. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process. Let us help you design the right compostable packaging for your product.

To learn more about our compostable product line, visit our compostable product page.