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Choosing Food Safety with Your Packaging Partner

The growing complexity of global food supply chains has heightened the need for reliable food safety. Globalization’s impact has made it possible to source, manufacture and package products using components and partners from all over the world. With these increased capabilities, food manufacturers need to approach food safety holistically – which includes sourcing food-safe packaging.  

Protect your product’s safety throughout its journey – from your facility to the end-user – using these food packaging quality markers.

Compliance with Safety Standards

When choosing a packaging partner, make sure its facilities and products are up-to-code and compliant with industry safety standards. Food safety standards are put in place to establish universal requirements for the global food industry. This holds manufacturers to the same quality markers, so food manufacturers can be confident in the safety of packaging products.

The leading organization for food safety is the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). This group establishes benchmarks that address issues in food safety systems and empowers third-party certification programs to test to GFSI’s set requirements. For packaging, there are currently two GFSI-recognized testing organizations, BRCGS and IFS (International Featured Standards). By receiving a certification from one of these organizations, packaging manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to food safety and you.

Use of Quality Packaging Materials

Quality products start with quality materials. Packaging solutions should use materials that are approved by leading food safety and public health organizations in the United Sates: the USDA and FDA. This ensures resins and films have excellent traceability and are approved for food contact.

Packaging material types also play a role in the product’s shelf life. Available for use with a variety of fresh and frozen food applications, plastic packaging delivers more efficient protection, reduces food waste and extends a product’s shelf life, compared to other packaging materials.

For more environmentally-conscious consumers, compostable or recyclable packaging created with FDA-approved resins are a great alternative to traditional plastics. Compostable products meet ASTM D6400 standards and both can be approved for food contact for a high-performing, environmentally-friendly solution. No matter your approach, quality materials should always be a top priority.

Packaging is Designed for the Application

In order to maintain product integrity, food packaging solutions must be built for their intended environment. For an added layer of protection, some packaging manufacturers offer solutions with antimicrobial films, which prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus for products in direct contact with the packaging. This film also improves consumer safety from pathogenic microorganisms, reduces the risk of food contamination, enhances product freshness, eliminates odors and controls stains.

Likewise, for freezer applications, product packaging must be able to withstand freezing temperatures and protect product safety. Effective freezer films reduce the risk of freezer burn, extend shelf life, and use puncture and freezer resistance capabilities to minimize cold crack and bag breakage.

Product characteristics such as reliable seals and tamper-evident bags provide additional protection. In cases of in-store contamination or broken seals, these markers will alert to product tampering and keep end-users safe.

Great American Packaging: A Proven Food Safety Expert

A commitment to food safety starts with the diligence of the team. At Great American Packaging, we follow stringent cleaning protocols to maintain clean contact surfaces and our workers are trained to follow food safety standards throughout the manufacturing process. This results in high-quality, food safe products that protect and satisfy your customers.

We are also proud to be an IFS PACsecure certified facility and we undergo testing each year to ensure continued excellence. Our poly bags and films are made with 100 percent pure virgin resins that are FDA- and USDA-approved. High-quality resins from reliable sources serve as a strong starting point for compliant poly and compostable products. As your packaging partner, we are committed to serving you and food safety is our top priority.

To learn more about how we protect food safety for our customers, please reach out to one of our packaging experts. We are here to help!


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