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What Gauge (thickness) do I need?

“Gauge” measures a film’s thickness and depends on film type: the higher the gauge; the thicker the film. The tool used to measure film gauge is referred to as a micrometer.

Selecting the proper gauge for your packaging can be a complex process with many consideration factors, including, but not limited to: intended use, strength, overall appearance, environmental impact, cost and much more.

Help Gauges

Flexible film is measured in either mil (0.001 inches) or microns (0.001 millimeters).

For Example:

3 mil = 0.003 inches
30 microns = 0.030 millimeters

The chart above serves as a general guideline for proper gauge selection for low-density polyethylene film. However, other needs factor into choosing your poly bags and film. Call us and we’ll be happy to help you determine the correct gauge for your flexible packaging.