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Our printing passes the tape test with flying colors

Quality of our products is of utmost importance here at Great American Packaging. We did a test to demonstrate the quality of our printed poly bags compared to others. In this test, we simply placed a piece of tape on a printed area of one of our poly bags, as well as that of a competitor. Both pieces of tape were then peeled off and examined. The tape on our bag was perfectly clear, and the printed area where the tape had been placed was completely unaffected. The tape from the other bag, however, pulled up some of the printing with it. The printing on the bag was clearly disturbed by the tape. So what happens to these bags when they are put on display? What if a price sticker is placed on the bag, but then must be peeled off and replaced? One of these bags would have chunks of ink missing, which would result in the whole package, product included, looking unappealing. Our bags, on the other hand, will stay looking fresh longer, maintaining excellent marketability for the brand.
The results of the tape test are shown below.
Treated Film_Tape Test copy

Our bag was able to pass the tape test because it went through a process called treating. Before film is sent to the printer, it is microscopically roughened by an electric charge. After being treated, ink is able to better settle on the film, resulting in printing that is far less likely to rub off. It is this attention to detail that makes our products excellent. We don’t just stop with great looking poly bags. We go the extra mile to make sure that our products are durable and efficient.

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